About Us


Excellent Serv Co. is an Egyptian hosting provides & high-quality Internet hosting solutions founded in 2004 under brand name XH4HOST and at feb 2006 brand name change to XSERVX (Excellent Serv Co.)to include a range of staff highly experienced in Hosting.

Our focus on our Customers at all time, and the ability to provide our Customers the best possible service.We focus on the Customers needs and establish a strong foundation based on those needs for a client to reach their goals. What we do best is provide a means to a focused goal through a solid foundation by using high value low cost solutions. With our experience in Hosting field, and we have a great understanding of what customers are looking for, regardless of price. And treated each customer to us as number one customer.

Our mission is to provide the best service possible to our customers at an affordable price with Three primary goals in mind : Stability, Reliability, and Continuity.

We are commited to providing services that will keep our customers not just satisfied, but bring them to a whole new level of web hosting where there seems nothing can be improved upon. We are focused on providing the most reliable service by offering multi Datacenter Locations (Russia & USA) to providing best solutions with many options to multi purpose.

Always we say we not the best but we try to be on the right road always, so we always monitor and measurement our competitors to improve our work regards to them, Excellent Serv plan to be the first and best choice to any one on that field.

So in short, with us you always get more than what you pay for.

Best Regards to all.